Staff Spotlight: Ms. Magin Magoski


Staff Spotlight: Magin Magoski

Position: High School Instructional Assistant

Years at EA: 1


Excelsior is excited to welcome this year Ms. Magin Magoski. Ms. M, as the students call her, comes to us from Orange County. She received her BS in Therapeutic Recreation from California State University Northridge, which she followed down here to sunny San Diego for an internship. After working with the Parks & Rec Therapeutic Recreations Department, Ms. M has brought her spirit and passion for fun and discovery to EA. 

She shares her passion for art and culture with the students by helping IMG_9730teach Art, Film, and Culture Clash to the high school students. She also helps in science and math with her partner, Ms. Hanline. Everyday, a new piece of student art can be found in their homeroom, or being created around campus. Her favorite part about EA is the community with staff and students. She loves to decorate and keep the campus green and cultured, treating it like the home away from home that it is.

Ms. M’s passion started with her step-brother, and led her to become an ABA Therapist. She continues to want to help students find new ways of expressing themselves, and helping them succeed in the classroom. “The positive impact and influence a teacher can have on a student is powerful and beautiful. I decided to work in education for this reason. I want to help
mold students into responsible, hard-working, independent and passionate individuals.” She sees herself serving students with different needs by helping them discover themselves, express themselves, helping them succeed, and allowing them to grow into independent, responsible thinkers.IMG_5439

Ms. M is known for her ardor for the environment, culture, and most of all, cats. She runs the Gardening Club where she teaches students about different plants & their benefits, as well as teaching a love for tea! She can be found outside stargazing, or taking advantage of the beautiful weather on a kayak. Welcome to Excelsior, and we are grateful to have you!

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