Tales from Ken Wood’s Memorial Adventure Week–Animal Adventures

Animal adventures had an amazing time getting up close and personal with a variety of animals.

On Monday we went to Hidden Haven Farms where students had the chance to milk a cow, hold chickens, collect eggs and learn about how bees create honey. On Tuesday we went to Sunrise Performance Horses where students and teachers were given a chance to ride horses, groom a horse and mini-horse, and watch a horse receive new shoes. The students learned horse safety and many were eager to take horse riding lessons. The people at Sunrise Performance Horses were so gracious and provided us with many unique opportunities for our students.

On Wednesday we went to a Camel Dairy in Ramona. We highly recommend it! The camels were so amazing to see up close and get to ride on hump day! They also had hilarious parrots that put on a great show. On Thursday we went to the Wolf Sanctuary. They students were given the opportunity to learn about the food chain and then were able to walk around the property and see some wolves. They were not very active and out and about day, but we did see a few up close. Lastly, on Friday, we closed up our great week at the San Diego Zoo. The students were excited we weren’t making a long drive to the mountains on back roads and were glad to stay close to school.

We had a great time hanging out, laughing, and getting to see the new baby hippo, the baby cheetah, and go behind the scenes of the elephant encounter. It was a wonderful week that provided many unique opportunities. We are grateful for the opportunities!



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