Student Leadership

Student Council

Student CouncilThe Excelsior Academy Student Council was established to promote participation by all the students in social, athletic and intellectual activities. The council members meet regularly to discuss and give advice on all school activities and all actions directly regarding student rights. This school organization helps to develop the principles of democracy and good citizenship among all the students at Excelsior Academy.


Shall attend and administer all business of the Associated Student Body and the Student Council. Position held only by a High School Student.

Shall attend all council meetings and take the President’s duties in his/her absence.

Shall attend all council meetings and keep a financial record of all A.S.B. activities and shall keep a written report of all transactions approved by the advisor and a monthly report shall be presented to the council.

Shall attend all council meetings and keep all necessary correspondence, take and post the minutes at each meeting.

Commissioner of Technology
Shall attend all council meeting and be in charge of all technological resources currently available to the student body, as well as reviewing new software or hardware needs throughout Excelsior Academy.

Commissioner of Athletics
Shall attend all council meetings and organize special student body athletic activities, participate and assist the School Climate task team with Eagle Day activities,

Commissioner of Student Life
Shall attend all council meetings and improve school spirit through programs that stimulate active participation of the student body and seek out consistent feedback from the students on their needs and concerns