Student Life

School Spirit

School-SpiritThe Excelsior Academy motto, “Ever Upward,” is instilled in each child that walks onto this campus. Our motto is personified by the EA Mascot, Eddie the Eagle. The Eagle shows our students that they can rise above anything, soar high above their hardships, and always climb ever upward to become better educated, empathetic citizens.


Just like a nest of eagles, we work to create a safe, protected, nurturing environment that allows students to feel safe, to thrive and soar. We strive to provide a sense of belonging by showing and teaching our students that we work together and learn as a team. One of the ways we do this is by putting our spirit forward to support our CAPSES Sports teams in football, softball, and basketball. EA focuses on six School-wide Learning Expectations, or the SLE’s, that we incorporate into all of our students’ lessons and lives: Respectful, Responsible, Literate, Thinking, Independent, and Productive. Each classroom has these SLE’s as our focus, and reinforce them in everyday learning.