Social Life

Social-LifeThe staff at Excelsior Academy believe that helping to facilitate and encourage social interaction and involvement amongst our student population is of utmost importance. Positive peer interactions play a significant role in the social and emotional development of children.  These same interactions can help to promote a child’s success within the school environment.

Excelsior Academy believes strongly in educating the whole-child and therefore strives to provide our students with many opportunities to socialize and interact with one another outside of the academic environment- this is one aspect that makes our school so unique.  Our sense of community is often very evident to visitors and participants alike. This collaborative culture provides a setting where staff, students, and parents can continue learning within a safe and nurturing environment.

Hang Out Nights

These events are typically coordinated on a monthly or bimonthly basis based on the interests and ideas of students participating in Eagles for Change.  All students, families, friends, and Excelsior Academy alumni are invited and encouraged to attend.  In the past students have been able to attend bonfires at the beach, dinners at Fuddruckers and O’s Kitchen, and weekend campouts in Borrego Springs.  Nothing is off limits with this group, if you can dream it, we can plan it!  So don’t miss out on the fun!


Every Wednesday all students, grades k-12, get together to play, encourage and hang out with one another during our school-wide intramurals.  All students are encouraged to participate in each sports rotation (flag football, basketball and soccer) while being cheered on and observed by their friends, classmates and teachers.  This allows each child the opportunity to display their athletic skills while building self-confidence, self-esteem, positive communication skills, teamwork, cooperation and practicing friendly competition.

Eagle Day

The last Friday of each month is highly regarded by both staff and students alike.  Eagle Day allows students and teachers an opportunity to intermingle amongst all grade levels and to engage in activities designed to build community, teamwork, enjoyment, and school spirit.

Holiday Dinner

This event is a special opportunity for all EA students, families and staff members to get together and celebrate the holiday season.  Each classroom is given the chance to pick a country of choice for the students to study and learn about.  In preparation for the holiday dinner, students research native recipes to their country and decorate the classroom accordingly.  The night of the event each family provides an appetizer, entree or side dish of choice to be shared amongst the EA community.  Each year a silent auction and raffle cap off the evenings festivities.

Winter Formal

All students and families are invited to attend our annual Winter Formal.  In conjunction with the EAPA, students work to create a memorable event for all.  The event includes a DJ, dancing, food, and entertainment.  This is not an event to be missed!


The importance of providing students with venues in which they may practice skills learned throughout their day cannot be understated.  All students who have demonstrated and followed the school-wide learning expectations are able to participate in clubs each week.  Students have enrolled in many types of club activities during the past years including, but not limited to:  music, cooking, chess, art, games, yearbook, drama, sports, karate, running, hiking, biking, mechanics, gardening, languages etc.

Student Council

Students play an active role in the decision-making process by offering input and suggestions for school improvement.  Under the guidance of a staff member, these students engage in teamwork, examine issues, and make decisions according to Excelsior philosophy and student needs.