Music and Art


Excelsior Academy provides a number of opportunities for students to participate in and explore the fine arts.  In our Art and Music Studio, students are given the freedom to create and discover their talents.


img_studentlife_artExcelsior Academy has a music class at the high school level where students learn about a variety of topics in music.  They learn to create rhythms, understand music notation, and learn about the diverse styles of music.

Excelsior Academy also has a music club where students get to bring in their instruments or come and sing.  They learn a variety of music styles and get to perform at various school events.  It is a great opportunity for students to show off their musical talent.


Excelsior Academy has an art studio that provides space for both clubs and workshops.  In this studio students have the opportunity to express their unique styles and ideas through art.  They have opportunities to paint, draw, spray paint, sculpt, build, and many other exciting avenues.  It is a great outlet for our students to express their individuality and creativity.