MentorsThe staff at Excelsior Academy strive to provide programs and services that help promote our students’ social, emotional and academic growth and development. While some of these needs are already being met through individual counseling, occupational therapy and speech and language services, we strongly believe in providing our students with the opportunity to acquire, practice, and develop these social skills in structured and supervised social settings.

img_studentlife_mentor One way this is done is through our Mentor/Mentee program.  The mentoring program at Excelsior Academy is unique in that it is run with input, coordination, and expertise from all Designated Instructional Services (DIS), counseling, occupational therapy and speech and language.

Mentor/Mentee is a student run, counselor facilitated, group at Excelsior Academy. The EA Mentor Program involves student pairing in which a high school student that, along with staff, provides support, encouragement, and friendship to a middle school or elementary student.  Many middle school and elementary students are paired with a high school mentor, however, not all high school students are mentors. Mentors must be role models, responsible students who want to assist in bringing out someone’s strengths. The pairing of mentors to mentees is done with the careful consideration and input of EA staff and teachers.  All high school students are eligible to apply for a mentoring position at the beginning of each academic year.  In order to qualify as a candidate, each student must submit a complete application to be reviewed by Excelsior Academy staff.

The mentors and mentees meet once a week in a structured and supervised group setting on campus during normal school hours. They participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor character and skill-building activities; these activities aim to promote the growth and social maturation of all students involved.