Community Involvement

Community-InvolvementExcelsior Academy seeks to provide a multitude of opportunities for our students to engage with the local community.  Some of these opportunities include:

Dual Enrollment

Throughout the years many high school students have elected to, and have earned the opportunity to, enroll in a class in another setting as they attend EA.  Some of these setting have included, private school classes, public school classes, work programs, community college classes, language institutes and the like.

Community Service

Excelsior Academy high school students have a community service requirement (hours can vary by district of residence).  These on-campus and off-campus activities have consisted of food drives, letter-writing campaigns, disaster relief assistance, serving on soup lines, visiting with the elderly, collecting holiday gifts, community clean-ups etc.

Campus Work

Many students past and present have been involved in on-campus work.  Their efforts have appeared in all areas of campus life including the school store, office work, grounds work, classroom activities, and so on.

Vocational Programs

Many Excelsior students have taken part in vocational programs over the years.  Examples of some of the programs include, student apprenticeships, workshop employment, internships, and such.  Not all students are eligible to participate in district or government funded programs, however, when possible EA provides these students with similar experiences within the school environment.