ClubsClubs are a critical component of student life at Excelsior Academy. They meet on a weekly basis during school hours. Staff and students collaborate to offer a variety of club choices. All students participate as it provides opportunities to socialize and explore talents outside of the structured classroom environment.


Clubs change three times each year in coordination with the changing of our after school sports seasons. Some clubs are a staple and are offered multiple times per year,  while others are seasonal.

Clubs offered include:

  • Art and Music Clubs
  • Chess and Board Games Club
  • Movie Critic Club
  • Amnesty International and Debate Club
  • Happiness Club
  • Sports Club: Soccer, Golf, Volleyball, Yoga, and Cross Country
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Dog Club,
  • Hiking and the Outdoors Club,
  • Cooking Club
  • Theater/Drama,
  • Yoga, Running
  • Science and Rocket Design