Staff Spotlight: Ms. Alex Haynes

Staff Spotlight: Ms. Alexandra Haynes

Title: Speech & Language Pathologist

Years with EA: 1


This year, Excelsior Academy welcomes a new Speech and Language Pathologist in Ms. Alexandra Haynes. A local of San Diego, Ms. Haynes comes to us after a lucrative career in working in hospitals with patients in recovery from head injuries and strokes. She credits her patience and desire to help students succeed to her work at the hospital, and from being a swim instructor.

One of Ms. Haynes’s favorite parts of the job is watching students grow as individuals and to be kind and understanding to others. She does this by “I push my students hard to do their best because I know they all have great potential. I make sure I encourage and reward all of my students for challenging themselves. I IMG_5121try to lighten up my seriousness with a sense of humor.” Ms. Haynes is rarely seen without a bright smile on her face, or without a laugh to be heard.

Her positivity is radiant and evident to her coworkers, who also enjoy working with Ms. Haynes. To her, her coworkers are a big part of what she does every day, and a piece of how she grows as an educator. “My coworkers are always so supportive. I look to them for new ideas and strategies to improve what I do. I also love to learn so I’m consistently educating myself on ways to make sure I am serving our students in the best way possible. “

A world traveler, Ms. Haynes just finished an excursion and adventure in South IMG_4657Africa and has journeyed to 13 other countries, and lover of culture and diversity, Ms. Haynes is able to bring that passion and curiosity to her students. She celebrates the diversity in individuals, and what makes them unique. It allows her an opportunity to learn from that student, or person, and adapt her communication and teaching style to best suit that student. In this way, she is able to individualize for each student and help them to communicate effectively as a writer, speaker, and friend.

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