Staff Spotlight: Mr. Travis

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Travis Nickerson

Title: Occupational Therapist Assistant

Years with EA: 2.5


Mr. Travis started with EA as an intern through Grossmont College in their OT IMG_9801Program. We at EA loved him so much, we kept him and he has been serving our students ever since. His favorite part about EA, besides teaching OT skills to our students, is the dynamic personalities of our students and the unity and collaboration between all EA staff. Mr. Travis helps manage Eddie’s Corner Cafe to bring food and nourishment to your student.

Travis’s passion for OT extends beyond his dedication to EA, as he continues to serve his alma mater, Grossmont College, as a Teacher’s Assistant in their OT program. Travis says this about his dedication: “I always wanted to work in the medical field and be able to help people in need. I always had an interest in IMG_2514working with kids, but it was in OT school that I  found a true love for working with them. Seeing the kids grow into young adults, and helping them to be as successful as they can in all as many aspects of their lives puts a smile on my face daily.” Part of what keeps his fire burning is seeing students he has helped over the years graduate and live life beyond EA.

Mr. Travis takes a playful, empathetic, and patient approach to working with students which helps put them at ease and get them ready to learn and grow. Students feel safe and successful in their time with Mr. Travis and Ms. Lauren, our other Occupational Therapist. As a professional, Mr. Travis hopes to continue to enrich the lives of students and helping them develop into healthy, responsible individuals.


Mr. Travis’s playful attitude extends beyond the OT room as he enjoys being active by playing soccer, baseball, and even lacrosse. He takes pride in his jersey number of 10, which happen to be his initials (TEN)! We at EA are ever grateful for the work and support he brings to EA.

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