Supplemental Services

Speech and Language Pathology

Speech-and-LanguageThe Speech and Language Department at Excelsior Academy provides exceptional individualized direct and indirect speech services in a one-on-one or group setting.  These services include language and articulation programs, social skills curriculum and classroom support, reading intervention, bully prevention and positive peer relationships/ pragmatics and weekly consultation with staff.

Services are provided in the speech room with one-on-one/ small group instruction or as “push in” services inside the students’ classroom. Small groups to address reading or pragmatic development are formed based on student needs and goals to support their needs in a more individualized way.  Diverse methods and strategies are used to teach students at their educational level, encouraging their strengths and individuality while giving support to their relative weaknesses. In the speech room, “A positive attitude makes all the difference”.

The SLP works closely with teachers, OT, counselors, music therapist and administration to insure that students are progressing towards their individual goals as well as the School-wide Learning Expectations of EA.


Meet our Speech & Language Pathologist:

IMG_1650Ms. Alexandra Haynes joined the EA family in 2015. She holds a Masters in Communicative Disorders from the University of Redlands, and a Certificate of Clinical Competence. She has been a Speech and Language Pathologist for 3 years, previously working at Sharp Memorial Hospital with patients recovering from strokes and traumatic brain injuries. She is happy and excited to be working with students to develop language and social skills.  Ms. Haynes loves her dog, Dino, staying active with sports, and of course, food!