High School

HighschoolExcelsior Academy’s High School is comprehensive and focused on preparing students for college, careers, and post-secondary life.  Our program is multi-faceted and designed to support our students in a variety of ways emphasizing academics, social and emotional development, and the transition into adulthood.

Currently, Excelsior Academy offers two curriculum-tracks in the high school program: Diploma-Bound or Transitional-Certificate.  Students participating in the Diploma-Bound track enroll primarily in college prep classes that lead to a high school diploma and prepare the student for the transition into the college environment.  The Transition-Certificate track prepares students  for the post-secondary environment in our Pathway to Independence transition program.  Students may enroll up to the age of 22 and will earn a Certificate of Completion upon successfully navigating the course modules.  Students enrolled in the Diploma-Bound track may also take advantage of Pathway to Independence curriculum, taking elective courses that count toward their diploma.

Excelsior Academy High School students may also participate in our competitive sports program.  The Eagles compete in the CAPSES sports league, fielding flag-football, basketball, softball, and soccer teams.  Student-Athletes must sign an Athlete Code of Conduct contract, and maintain a high level of academic achievement and behavioral expectations.

To learn more about the two programs visit the College Prep and Pathway to Independence pages.