College Prep

CollegePrepThe Excelsior Academy College Preparatory School leads to graduation with a diploma, while preparing students for the academic rigors of college coursework.

img_academics_collegeThe program is set in a structured environment where individual strengths are honed and learning differences are celebrated.  Students can expect rigorous classes in a small-group environment.  With a maximum student-teacher ratio of 6:1, individualized instruction and classroom accommodations are an integral part of student success. While preparation for college serves as the cornerstone of the College Prep school, Excelsior Academy acknowledges the unique challenges our students face in transitioning to the post-secondary environment.  Thus, College Prep students are provided access to the Pathway to Independence curriculum where they can develop skills in the areas of: communication, social/emotional development, vocational training, recreation/leisure, self-care/independent living, and mobility.

Highlights of the College Prep program include:

  • Strategic Homework Plans- well-planned assignments at the independent-level
  • Organization and Study Skills training
  • “Advisory”- social and emotional skills training
  • College Advising/Enrollment and Test Preparation
  • Enrichment Workshops
  • Project-Based learning opportunities and emphasis on Multiple Intelligences
  • Access to post-secondary transition training in Pathway to Independence

Excelsior Academy provides a variety of opportunities to help prepare and best equip our students for college. At Excelsior Academy, we provide the following for our students.

College Readiness Workshops

  • SAT/ACT preparation
  • Financial Aid
  • College Entrance
  • Applications
  • College Life
  • Research various college programs available
  • Discuss college class format
  • Study Skills
  • Organization

CAHSEE Test Preparation

We provide a workshop where students can review the necessary skills needed to be successful on both the ELA and Math portions of the CAHSEE

High Quality Work

Students are expected to produce a high level quality of work. We provide assignments and classes that are similar to those they will encounter in college to help them begin to understand and prepare for the rigor they will encounter, while being able to support them in the small, safe and nurturing classroom environment.>

Rigorous Curriculum

Academically rigorous curriculum enables students to begin to understand what college course work will be like.

College Success Program: Coming Soon

The Excelsior Academy College Success Program is designed to prepare new college students for the post-secondary educational environment.  Students will receive support and training to ease the transition from high school to college and campus-life.  Opportunities include:

  • Introduction to Campus-Life Summer Workshop
  • Academic Coaching for college classes
  • Weekly Seminar to help students with organization, study skills, student-life, and academics