About Us

The Excelsior Way


All members of Excelsior Academy will be respectful and responsible individuals.

To provide a safe and nurturing environment wherein students become literate, thinking, independent and productive citizens.

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These guiding principles, known as The Excelsior Way, were created with input from staff, students, and families. The Excelsior Way is a way of trusting, coping, living, and learning that guides each individual in the school community- from these principles, we developed the School-wide Learning Expectations (SLEs): respectful, responsible, literate, thinking, independent, and productive.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations


Demonstrate self-respect; support others while exhibiting compassion for human differences; understand and respect authority; demonstrate appreciation and respect for the immediate, local, and global environment.


Recognize the cause and effect relationship of behavior; demonstrate self-discipline; actively participate in the decision-making process; show consistency of purpose; demonstrate willingness to accept constructive feedback and take direction.


Communicate thoughts orally and in writing; read and comprehend information for pleasure and to gain knowledge; demonstrate competence using technological resources; apply literacy skills necessary to achieve independent living; demonstrate global literacy for active participation in a multicultural society; demonstrate aesthetic awareness and appreciation of art, music, and dance in multicultural situations.


Use critical and creative thinking skills to synthesize, analyze and evaluate information; demonstrate reasoning skills to solve problems; apply thinking skills in solving problems in particular and concrete situations; use critical thinking skills to demonstrate use of ethical and moral principles; use self-reflection in order to grow from experiences.


Demonstrate self-confidence and self-determination; make choices that promote physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being; demonstrate individuality by appropriately expressing thoughts and feelings; demonstrate daily living skills; demonstrate awareness of universal values and principles necessary to function in a democratic society.


Exhibit a strong work ethic; identify personal strengths and weaknesses; set goals and carry out a personal growth plan; demonstrate interdependence through cooperation and collaboration; actively participate in and contribute to society.